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The type of wireless local wl-gi–700-11nx network LAN. Mac operating systems supported: It can be ad-hoc, where units in a network communicate peer-to-peer, or Infrastructure, where units communicate with each other via an access point A LAN interconnects computers in a small area e. Overview Extend your Wireless dgnamode. Need to increase your Wireless range and speed?

Because it controls communications between the processor and external devices, the chipset plays a dynamodde role in determining system performance. Email me a link to this page for later. Universal Serial Bus USB is an industry standard developed in the mids that defines the interface used for connection, communication and power supply between computers and electronic devices. Popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelessly using radio waves.


Analytical and Functional cookies Analytical cookies for us to better craft the user experience based on your page view experiences.

Dynamode 300Mbps USB Adapter with WPS

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The maximum speed with which data can be transmitted from one device to another. Plug and play xynamode hardware or software that, after being installed “plugged in”can immediately be used “played with”as opposed to hardware or software which requires configuration.

Dynamode WL-GINX Default Router Login and Password

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Dynamode WL-GINX 11n Mbps USB Wireless Adapter [WL-GINX] from

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Security algorithms are used to provide authentication, cipher key generation, integrity and radio link privacy to users on mobile networks. Interface that enables a host controller to communicate with a driver. OS X can be used with the device.

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Sorry, This item is out of stock. Looking to add faster performance for your Multimedia or Digital Lifestyle devices? Indicates whether this product supports is “plug and play”.