Sisters Volume 3: Honestly I Love My Sister

Being a little sister is a full time job for Maureen! One minute she is playing pranks, teasing, and pestering her sister, Wendy, as a good little sister should. The next minute, she is consoling the inconsolable, attempting to mend Wendy’s broken heart. Moments like these will resonate with sisters of all ages! Available in […]

Tarzan Archives: The Joe Kubert Years Volume 3 (Tarzan: The Joe Kubert Year…

Writing, drawing, and editing a monthly Tarzan comic-book series in the 1970s, Joe Kubert was able to illustrate the adventures of his childhood hero and produce some of the most inspiring pages of his career. Dark Horse Comics is proud to present this final collection in a series of Joe Kubert’s completeTarzan comics. Tarzan: The Joe Kubert Years Volume Three […]

Hawkman by Geoff Johns Book Two (Hawkman (2002-2006))

Geoff Johns’ reinvigorating run on Hawkman continues here, as Carter Hall faces the question of whether an ancient, immortal warrior truly has a place in the modern world.  Hawkman’s only just begun building a new life in St. Roch through his cycle of reincarnation, but his tangled past won’t be left behind. A high-flying confrontation […]


Transhuman Presents a mockumentary about the future, where genetically engineered humans are created by rival companies in an attempt to corner the market under the guise of bettering the world. This title is a view of the origin of a new technology, the starting of rival companies, and the marketing wars that end with one […]