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Berserk Volume 3: v. 3

Guts, the feared Black Swordsman, finishes his desperate battle with the monstrous Count, cutting and blasting him to gory scraps when the presence of the Count’s daughter makes the monster hesitate. But Guts won’t even have the time to clean his gigantic sword when the Count’s dying pleas activate the Behelit, summoning the five God Hands, demon lords of immeasurable power. Guts’ journey so far has been a long road of pain and death, but that’s a walk in the park compared to fighting his…


Pub Date : 2005 | Author : KentarĊ Miura | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 1593072511
ISBN 13 : 9781593072513

Back in the day, Guts the Black Swordsman was a top slayer for The Band of the Hawk, an elite mercenary unit led by Griffith, whose calm demeanor and callow beauty belied his fight..


Pub Date : 2008-01-01 | Author : Ai Yazawa | Publisher : Viz

ISBN 10 : 1421515393
ISBN 13 : 9781421515397

When two twenty-year-old women with the same first name meet and become best friends despite their different personalities, they experience a world of music, fashion, sex, gossip, ..

Berserk Official Guidebook

Pub Date : 2018 | Author : Kentaro Miura | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 1506707068
ISBN 13 : 9781506707068

Berserk has conquered the worlds of manga and anime, and now comes the essential roadmap to the sprawling Berserk universe, exploring the characters, creatures, settings, and stori..

Prison Pit Book Five

Pub Date : 2014-01-18 | Author : Johnny Ryan | Publisher : Fantagraphics Books

ISBN 10 : 9781606997000
ISBN 13 : 1606997009

CF still isn't dead, but can he survive the Holocaust Brothers? First he's got to destroy his arch-enemy, the seemingly indestructible Slitt, who happens to be the only one who kno..


Pub Date : 2005 | Author : Buronson | Publisher : Dark Horse Comics

ISBN 10 : 1593073321
ISBN 13 : 9781593073329

Yuka Katsuragi, a beautiful TV news reporter, has attracted the affections of a Yakuza thug, Katsuji Yashima, who travels with his brother all the way to Spain to find her, only to..


Pub Date : 2015-03-11 | Author : Asuka Katsura | Publisher : Dark Horse Comics

ISBN 10 : 9781630083755
ISBN 13 : 1630083755

In this volume, the dreadful Diva sends her Chevalier to kidnap Riku, Saya's adoptive brother, from the Red Shield's ocean-liner headquarters. New secrets from Saya's and Hagi's pa..

Fist Of The North Star

Pub Date : 2004-05-01 | Author : Buronson | Publisher : Raijin Comics Master Edition

ISBN 10 : 1932454276
ISBN 13 : 9781932454277

The legend returns! In a post-apocalyptic nightmare, one man named Kenshiro protects the innocent from evil with the ultimate assassin's fighting style, Hokuot Shinken...

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