Commando #5103: The Land Army Marches

Deafening engines rumbled over a small farmhouse in Norfolk. It was not the hum of a healthy plane, and the listeners below knew a crash landing would be imminent. What they didn’t know, and what they dreaded, was whether the aircraft was theirs… or Jerry’s. But, the next morning, when the four young workers of […]

Bergères guerrières – Tome 01 (French Edition)

L’aventure, ce n’est pas que pour les garçons ! Voilà maintenant dix ans que les hommes du village sont partis, mobilisés de force pour la Grande Guerre. Dix ans qu’ils ont laissé femmes, enfants et anciens pour un conflit loin de chez eux… La jeune Molly est heureuse car elle peut enfin commencer l’entrainement pour tenter […]

Dizzy Dames

Dizzy Dames spins off from Daring Dames with a comedic collection of comics from the Golden Age featuring the most gorgeous Good Girls in some laugh-out-loud situations! This includes Torchy, Bikini Luv, Dinah Fatfield, Sky Girl, Long Sam, Chiquita, Patsy Pinup, Silk, Her Highness, Clarabelle, and the Blonde Bomber! Bodacious blondes, ravenous redheads, burning brunettes […]