The X-Files: Conspiracy

The Lone Gunmen receive an email with disturbing reports, apparently from the future, that detail a lethal virus outbreak. After the stories are corroborated by FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, the Gunmen must investigate the various urban legends mentioned in the documents in order to save all of humanity…

Axe Cop Vol. 3

Axe Cop returns with a collection of new, exciting, and unpredictable stories! Written by the endlessly inventive six-year-old Malachai Nicolle and drawn by his Eisner Award–nominated thirty-year-old brother Ethan Nicolle, Axe Cop joins his comrades Uni-baby, Bat Warthog Man, and Dinosaur Soldier to fight bad guys and restore justice for kids—and grownups—everywhere! * Foreword by […]


On the run from the mob, a trio of 1920’s Chicago Jazz musicians take a job from an elderly reverend, playing for what they think is his wife’s funeral in the backwoods of Illinois. Unfortunately, the funeral is actually an elaborate cult ritual to raise the spirit of an evil sorcerer who swiftly begins raising […]

Mermaid Project – Épisode 5 (French Edition)

Dans un futur relativement proche, alors que l’équilibre mondial a totalement changé… Romane Pennac et son acolyte, El Malik, arrivent au terme de leur enquête sur les agissements du groupe Algapower – une société qui agit dans l’ombre afin de mener de terrifiantes expériences génétiques. Aidés par des dauphins, ils pénètrent dans les laboratoires d’y […]