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Stargate Universe #5

The incredible Stargate Universe story continues only in comics! Rush and company desperately attempt to solve Destiny’s fuel crisis while trying to save the Ancients trapped on board. This is classic Stargate Universe action at its very best! Come with us, back to Destiny!


Pub Date : 2009 | Author : James Swallow | Publisher : Fandemonium Books

ISBN 10 : 1905586469
ISBN 13 : 9781905586462

Without food, supplies, or a way home, Colonel Everett Young finds himself in charge of a mission that has gone wrong before it has even begun. Stranded and alone on the far side o..

Stargate Vala Mal Doran

Pub Date : 2010-12 | Author : Brandon Jerwa | Publisher : Dynamite

ISBN 10 : 9781606901533
ISBN 13 : 1606901532

Explore the early days of Stargates hottest star! We start our story during the years when Vala was acting as a free agent in the intergalactic underworld. While the ever-growing L..

From Starship Captains To Galactic Rebels

Pub Date : 2013-12-12 | Author : Kimberly Yost | Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN 10 : 9781442229860
ISBN 13 : 1442229861

Drawing upon her background in Organizational Leadership, the author looks at the various representations of leadership in science fiction programs of the last 50 years. She examin..

Science Fiction Experiences

Pub Date : 2011-01 | Author : Angela Ndalianis | Publisher : New Academia Publishing, LLC

ISBN 10 : 9780982806180
ISBN 13 : 0982806183

Exploring how science fiction films and computer games attempt to come to grips with the changing conceptions of the world and people's identity within it, Ndalianis focuses on dev..

Gifts Of Mother Earth

Pub Date : 2011-03-01 | Author : Jaap Van Etten | Publisher : Light Technology Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781622335367
ISBN 13 : 1622335368

We live in a sea of energies that are part of the earth we live on. Most people are not aware of these energies or that they hold many gifts. These gifts help us to heal, balance, ..

5000 Episodes And No Commercials

Pub Date : 2011-11-09 | Author : David Hofstede | Publisher : Back Stage Books

ISBN 10 : 9780307799500
ISBN 13 : 0307799506

Groundbreaking! Does for TV shows what Leonard Maltin’s guides do for movies! Forget movies! Sales of TV DVDs are outpacing all other categories, according to Video Store magazin..

Dreams In American Television Narratives

Pub Date : 2013-05-23 | Author : Cynthia Burkhead | Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN 10 : 9781441124173
ISBN 13 : 1441124179

Dreams in Television Narratives is the first comprehensive analysis of one of American television's most frequently utilized tropes, the dream. From its beginning, television has b..

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